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MACKINTOSH, Geoffrey Steven From the Original Whakapapa Club

Posted: 25/05/2005
Wanting to do my Whakapapa for my children. My dad, Geoff - born 17 September 1954, was adopted by the Mackintosh family. He was originally a LEWIS. Thats about all we know at the moment but if anyone knows of any LEWIS's in Taranaki that had a brother/son adopted out please drop us a line. Geoff died on the 21st June 1994 and is at the Kaponga Cemetery.

Edited by - arla on Jun 02 2005 11:22:43 AM
Posts: 417
Posted: 14/06/2005
Tena koe arla,

If you make sure you are in the Whakapapa Club and do a surname serach for Lewis, there are a few resulsts - maybe they will tie into your Lewis whanau
Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!
Posts: 3

Posted: 12/07/2005
New information has come to light: Our father GEOFFREY STEVEN MACKINTOSH, Born 17 September 1954 & passed away 21 June 1994. I have been told that GEOFF's mother was a LEWIS from Wellington but his dad was a NUKU from the coast - which coast I don't know as I know of NUKU families all over NZ so if anyone can clear this up that would be awesome. We also know that GEOFF has 2 older brothers and 2 (I think) sisters too. If anyone can put us on a path we would appreciate it.
Posts: 180
Posted: 02/03/2007
i'm related to a lewis family in wellington, i will ask around for you.
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