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Note: We do not provide a whakapapa research service

This part of our site deals with whakapapa and how to go about researching whakapapa.

Whakapapa is a life long journey of discovery.

Although whakapapa translates as genealogy, there are very distinct differences. When searching for genealogy there are many places where you can find information, going right back. However, with whakapapa, this is not the case.

Many people today believe it is their right to have their whakapapa, but their whakapapa may feel differently.

Whakapapa chooses who will work with the tupuna and who will not and whakapapa sure lets you know if they do not want you to, or your time is not right! Whakapapa is wairua, and whakapapa knows wairua, so if you do not have the right attitude then, yes, well...

With all things Maori, some people have an aptitude for certain areas and an aptitude for other areas. Some are kapa haka people, some are weapons people and some are whakapapa people.

Like all things Maori, if you start with the basics, if you have the right attitude and the aptitude then the tohu will show themselves and take you on to the next part of the journey.

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