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Today's Date in Maori: Ratu, 21 o Whiringa a Rangi i te tau 2017 te ra
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November 21 2017 17:11:19
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Within whanau (families) there will be the people who hold the whakapapa, who nurture and cherish the whakapapa and who have the korero (stories) that go with the whakapapa. These people will not necessarily hand you your whakapapa to you on a plate. You need to prove first to the whakapapa and the person holding it as well that you are worthy of having this knowledge and with all things, this takes time.

However, that being said, there are places and things that you can do to start you off on your journey. And maybe one day, the keeper of the whakapapa for your whanau will hand over to you the whakapapa so that you can care for the whakapapa and in time pass it onto another.

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