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Births, Deaths, Marriages

Only marriages between Maori and Pakeha were required to be officially registered prior to 1911. The Maori Register of Marriages recorded marriages between 1911-1954. The Maori Register of Births and Deaths were recorded between the years 1913-1961. After this time Maori births, deaths and marriages are recorded in the General register alongside other New Zealanders.

When requesting a BMorD Certificate from Central Registry, always purchase a “photocopy” (digital image) as these are ideal for genealogical purposes, cheaper than an actual “Certificate” and can include additional information such as the informant and occasionally notes in the margin.

Photocopies of the following registrations are available from Central Registry, Lower Hutt and the Births, Deaths and Marriages office Auckland, on request:

Pakeha Births 1848-1930 inclusive

All Births 1972 - to date

Pakeha Marriages 1854-1960 inclusive

All Marriages 1973 - to date

There may be in the Pakeha Births Maori records, if one of the parent's was Maori.

The best place to find records for dates of birth or death for the 1800's and early 1900's is in the Maori Land Court Records.

Another option for birth, death, and marraige records are church registers.

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