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November 21 2017 17:22:29
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HAORA, Maria, Rita and Lily: Finding Whanau
I am trying to find whanau of my Great Grandmother - Maria Haora. She married my Great Grandfather - George Brott in Tamaterau and they had 3 children - Olive Totorewa, Adam and Maria. I am the descendant from Adam - he was my grandfather. We have no other information on her, no photo's, where she may be buried or any information of her extended whanau. I do know that her sister Rita Haora married a Mr Ewing but this was only sourced through a article on the Papers Past website. I would be immensely grateful if anyone had any information on my great grandmother or her whanau and would be willing to share.
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Have you an email address
I do. It is: thetipas@xtra.co.nz

Thankyou Smile
We have a whanau Haora from Tauranga, whether they are connected to you I dont know. Ill tell you a bit about this family, Toko Haora married a Maria Williams and their children were John, Samuel, Rita. Shirley and Willie are still living. They are also related to the Brott whanau from here in Tauranga is this a coincidence they can be contacted through Ngati Pukenga Iwi Trust or through Whetu-o-te-rangi Marae naumaiplace.com
Many thanks for your reply - will follow up with my Brott Whanau in Tauranga Smile
Hi there, My Great Grandfather was George Brott. He was married to Maria Haora first and I knew they had 3 children and was told Maria either died in childbirth with her last child or soon after? George remarried and his 2nd wife was Rose Brott (nee Morrison), they had 5 children, one of whom was my grandfather Morris Brott. We are connected to the brott whanau in Tauranga and I am registered with Ngati Pukenga. I actually met some whanau who are related to Adam Brott, this may have been you and your daughter, my Aunty brought them out to my 18th birthday almost 20 years ago.
Hi, my great grandfather, Hilford or Raehira Haora was the brother of Rita (Hereperita born 30/11/1884), so she would be my aunty? triple removed? Any way I have a copy of the line going back about 6 generations. Willing to share and would be interested in anything you may like to share :-).
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