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November 21 2017 17:14:31
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Looking for where on the coast we come from
Tenaa Kotou - I have been searching for years for where on the East Coast we come from, and I have some information finally - and am hoping someone can help me a little further.

What I know now is this:

My mothers name is Christine Anne Gordon(born 1950's), her mother is Jane Anne Kemp Hancox(born 1923), her mother was Annie Catherine Billings(born 1880's), her mother was Catherine Maria (Pedro?), her mother was Ere Kawhena (with a brother? called Watene Pao, who had a child Ihipera who had children Wi and Mere Waikare) who after having children had a husband/partner called Charles Pedro (died 1883ish), upline from her is Tawaho - Hine Tawaiora - Maringiringi (with brothers? called Te Awanga and whakaruhe) - Ruamutu - Kohai - Rangitukuaru - Kohaki - Karani - Huaki - Tamate Mahunga - Taupiriotetau - Te Rarawa - Rehua - Haukoro - Paaka - Hopu Hopu - Tamatauira - Pare Whenuamea - Ruawaipu.

I know that Ere Kawhena somehow ended up with some land in Rangitukia (I am not interested in the land, it has nothing to do with me - I am trying to find the place where we are from for the sake of my children)

There are stories in my family about Tikitiki and Te Araroa, which is aparently where an aunty went to visit decendants of Wi Waikare (down another line form Tawaho) to see if they could find anything out.

I really want to know if someone can help me find our hapu, our marae and to put a name to the place that our ancestors called their stomping ground.

If anyone is able to either help me out or push me in the right direction, I would be most appreciative.

Kia ora.
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Kia ora,

Here are a couple of links I have found - not too sure if you have seen them but they may help Smile

Kawakawa - The Pedro's of Kawakawa - this has most of the recent names you have listed

Hurahura - I am guessing this is your site? Smile
Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!
Got to keep this alive - bumping in case anyone new recognises anything :-)
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