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December 11 2017 18:51:30
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Kia Ora i am trying to track down any whanau of my dads as i am trying to track down anyone who might have a family tree (whakapapa) his Name was Wiremu Parao Apiata may also have the family line in Parangi my dad is Ngati Rehia (Te Tii)
my mum whose Ngati Kura (Matauri Bay) her name was Te Hemonga (Amy) Epiha. Please can anyone help meWink I know we have whanau at matauri if anyone can help me put together our whakapapa on my mum and dad side that would be awesome
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Kia ora,

If you go to http://www.family...efault.asp and put Apiata in the Last or Family name box and hit search you will find some listed from Matauri Bay.

Doing the same search for Parangi will also reveal some records which may well tie in with the Apiata whanau.

Then you can do the same thing for Epiha.

Having a wander through these records may help you put together your whakapapa. However be warned - information at this site may not be very accurate - one of my cousins is born before his parents! Grin

But it is a good place to start!

Good luck!
Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!
Kiaora My eldest Brother and sister are Prangi's we have the same mum diff dads but anyway you are welcome to friend them in facebook Wink only to happy to help trace whanau an connect Grin Kenneth Parangi /Anita Parangi fee they have many of the elder unkles and aunties they maybe able to help good luck
omg i meant feel free to friend Bang Head
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