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November 22 2017 19:56:33
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Hi All

Towards the end of 2010, I saw a notice on here regarding a hui (?) for the Chase Hollis whanau of the Hawkes Bay. I'm wondering whether that still went ahead and if so, would love to know more about it. Have there been other gatherings since?
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Kia Ora Lisa,

Yes it did it was on the 24th of December 2010 until the 27th of December 2010. but I didn't went to it as it was my half Sister 21st Birthday so I went back to New Zealand for that& I only just found her & my brother that year. I think there was a another one last year as well but only a small one I think.

If you are on face book check out JamesandNaomi Chase Whanau here's the link for you
I can't tell you when the next one is on as the person on the site won't add me on face book.

So you are from Catherine Chase side of the family I'm from Elizabeth Chase side They were Sisters.

Hope it does help you out

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Kia Ora Daniel

Thanks soooo much for that info. Very helpful indeed as you've given me another place to look ie facebook.

It's also very nice to 'meet' another member of the whanau Smile

Keep in touch,
Kia ora!

Here is the clickable link to make it easier Smile
James and Naomi Chase Whanau

Here are a couple more links that may help you - they are from the archives of the Whakapapa Club.
* CHASE, Katerina or Catherine: Help with my whakapapa From the Original Whakapapa Club
* CHASE, Catherine: looking for help with daughters whakapapa From the Original Whakapapa Club
Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!
Kia Ora Lisa,

You are more than welcome I saw that you were asking about it & thought that I should help out a family member of the Chase Family & there are heaps of them you will find out that one or two of the family were singers in the late 60's early 1970's.

I'm still trying to get my head around it "the Chase family" . Smile by what I meant is how Big the family is.

I was in Hawkes Bay last month for a day trip there & went to a Cemetery there to put some flowers on my Birth Father grave my first time to see it face to face which was nice.

Yes Lisa, It is very nice to meet a another member in the Chase Whanau & I will stay in touch with you . Smile

Kia Ora Poutokomanawa, Thanks for the link to the site I should have made sure that it was working for Lisa my bad Frown
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Hello all!

Sorry I've been really slack at replying - life can get real busy sometimes.

@lazybones - Yeah, it really is a massive family! I'm really jealous you've been in the Bay! I'd love to take my kids there some day...

@Poutokomanawa - thanks heaps for the links Smile much appreciated and they make for really interesting reading Smile
Kia Ora Lisa, it must be my turn to reply back. No need to be jealous about me going to Hawks Bay, I didn't plan to go there until I went back to New Zealand in 2013. & I was only going to a cemetery there to put some flowers on a grave However I'm sure you will get there with your kids. :-)
Kia Ora Lisa

this side of the Chase whanau have been looking for a Lisa Chase whos father's name was Robert known as Bobby. Are you the Lisa we have been looking for ?
Kia Ora Bud

I'm sorry but I'm not the Lisa you are looking for but I did spend nearly 4 hours on facebook last night talking to someone on that very subject and various other Chase whanau members.

I'm also the original poster of this thread just with a 44 on the end of my name now.
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