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ABRAHAM, Tanya: Te Hapua - Looking for info
Kia ora

I am looking for any information available on Tanya or Tania Abraham who owns or owned land in Te Hapua. She is my paternal grandmother and I am trying to write my pepeha but as far as my knowledge goes I cannot trace anything about my whanau on my father's side past her. My paternal grandfather's name is Richard Santos.

Thanks Smile
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have you a email address
Kia ora yes my email is

Any and all information greatly appreciated Smile
Tena koe Rachael, All the land around Te Hapua is mainly owned by the Muriwhenua Incorporation with the exception of about four freehold sections. There are numerous shareholders. Doc as usual have their fingers into a lot of land in that area as well. Some of the land that was partitioned (Te Mingi and Pakohu) into Parengarenga is being returned to the Pohotiare hapu. I suggest that you go to the Ngati Kuri web site and make contact with them. Kia ora.
Tena koe Thomas,

Good korero Thumb up

Here is the Ngati Kuri phone number Telephone:09 409 8151
Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!
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