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Chief Hauraki
Kia ora, am trying to find any info on my great grandmothers brother, Chief Hauraki of the Te Hikutu. My great grandmother was Moengaroa, and she had 4 children, Maria Amina, Mary, Susan & Hauraki, there father was Judge F.E.Maning & they lived @ Onoke, down Koutu Loop Rd....Pakanae
Would also be grateful if there is a picture of him or Moengaroa, as they have always fascinated me, & would be good to put a face to them both........thank you so
Te Rangikotama
I saw that he was killed fighting against Te Kapotai around the Waikare area. Hauraki together with a contingent of Pakeha, and 2 other tribes joined up to wrest the lands of Te Kapotai from them but were unsuccessful. It will be in a Minute Book, possibly Waikare Book 11 or 12, not sure. I hope that is of help in your search. Can't assist more than that with this sorry.
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