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December 13 2017 05:37:22
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Atahoe (Bruce, Mary)
On either the 10th or 27th February, 1810, Atahoe, daughter of Te Pahi from the Bay of Islands, died of dysentry in Sydney. Her husband was George Bruce (sometimes spelled Druce), a child convict transported to New South Wales and later relocated to the Bay of Islands where he achieved high status with Te Pahi's people.
After her marriage, Atahoe adopted the name Mary Bruce. A month before she died in New South Wales, she had given birth to a daugther who was left in the care of the New South Wales Girl Orphans' home after Atahoe died.

Can anyone please let me know the exact date of the child's birth, her name and what became of her?
D Brown
Kia ora Ray. I'm a direct descendant of Te Pahi (from the Riwhi line) and have been doing some research on Atahoe. Atahoe's daughter, also called Mary Bruce, appears to have survived to adulthood in the Sydney Female Orphan School, as it came to be known. There is a Mary Bruce of the correct age who is recorded as marrying a James Tucker in Paramatta in 1828 and had a number of children. They seem to have moved out of NSW at some stage. Do you think you might be a descendant? It would be great to make contact with descendants. There are celebrations planned on Te Pahi's land in the Bay of Islands this year as it is the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the first Christian mission to them.
Kia ora D Brown, Your reply is most welcome - I had given up on making progress. My family oral history matches with the story of Atahoe and to know the likelihood of a daughter who married and had a family is excellent news. Recent generations of the family are in South Australia and this seems to gel with the possibility that Atahoe's daughter relocated. Now to see if we can establish the link.
D Brown
Kia ora Ray. This is indeed terrific news. Mary Tucker (nee Bruce) and her husband James had a number of children, the birth records giving the names of James, John, Mary Ann, Ann, Sarah and Ellen. The last child appears to have been baptised in 1847 at Geelong, Victoria. It might be easier to contact me by email: ds.brown@auckland.ac.nz . Deidre
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