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November 21 2017 17:23:37
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DNA Testing
DNA research has provided us with a unique tool to help us learn where are ancestors came from before they settled in NZ
At the moment there are quite a few sites offering DNA testing for around NZ$65...this has come about as the result of interest generated through the TV program 'Find My Past'.. it occurred to me that it would be interesting to see the results of the migrational routes taken by those who are of pure Maori origin..who have with no known outside influences in their bloodline. If any one on here has had a test or intends having a test done I would be keen to hear how they got on and share our findings.
ps our own line has shown a strong link to Hawaii, Asia and American Indians.Also have established connections to many other previously unknown Maori relations, knowing your Whakapapa helps find where and how you are connected :-)
Kia ora e hoa
Just interested in where these tests might be conducted, as I would love to know my ancestry. I just got told we have African blood in us, Nairobian to be exact, but I'm not that dark. Please let me know.
There are lots of places doing the tests these days and much depends onw what type of thing you are wantng results for
An example of that is if you want to know where your parenal line comes from sometimes its easier to find to do tests through the DNA surnames site
Things to look out for are ongoing fees...whether or not youa re able to transfer your results to other DNA studies and projects or enter it into an International DNA databank which matches up cousins etc
I have just had someone do this sites test which is shown in US Dollars it equalled NZ$65 but remember the exchange rate can change

Another site is 23and me but they expect you to pay yearly fees

They write that they've "identified several novel variants that collectively
form new and unique Maori motifs B4a1a1c, B4a1a1a3 and B4a1a1a5." (The Maori
are the Polynesian people of New Zealand.)
just reread this and should have mentioned they will post a test kit to you, once received you simply use a super size cotton bud on the inside of your mouth to collect a sample (easy and pain free) then you post the sample back to whichever lab you have used. Postage can be a bit more expensive as it is DNA, not a letter
Depending on which agency you do the tests through you should be able to see the migration roots of your ancestors, and how the came to eb where you are now, also what your bloodlines are and most also allow you to see other people who have submitted DNA and how closely related to you they may be 1st cousi
n, 2nd cousin etc
Wow that sounds amazing. Thanks for your post planetjanet.

I'm off to investigate the $65 site you posted.

I've been researching my whakapapa for a while now and have found my Scottish whakapapa which takes my lines back to The Isle of Sky. We were the McCaskills from the McCloud Clan. Angus McCaskill who is famous for being in the Guinness book of records for being the tallest man in the world, he is a gg Uncle.

I have found my Irish whakapapa as well, O'Donnell and O'Caine from the North Western part of Ireland a place called Castle Gregory. That's all I know.

And of course my Welch bloodlines hailed from the infamous Frank Harrison who married Mereana Tauke Hikitapua.

I followed my Scottish whakapapa right back to the 14th/15th century to a Viking chief called 'Olaf the Black'. So for me these DNA tests would help solve a pending question I've always had, about whether I have Viking DNA.

My Maori whakapapa has been the most difficult to find. And there are many complicated whakapapa lines, that are still unresolved. Which a DNA test would certainly connect all the right dots for me.

Thanks again JP, great thread.
Just wanted to update this information FTDNA are offering a Family Finder DNA test for a reasonable cost which will help you establish DNA relatives on both maternal & paternal sides Their site also allows the transfer of some DNA tests previously done via 23andme or Ancestry.com- just google FTDNA to find more info
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