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November 21 2017 17:26:20
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Chief Te Ururoa and Patungahere - info and questions
Ngai Tumamao
Kia ora Paula,
I can't comment on your whakapapa but I can tell you about Ngati Kahu. There were 5 hapu who were collectively known as Te Aeio, Ngati Kahu being one of them. In retaliation to the murder of Te Ripo at Maunganui bluff by Ngati Whatua, we all went down to get utu. N. Whatua were unable to be caught so we ate from their urupa and were then known as Te Rarawa. In the late 1800's, Re Te Tai held a hui saying that only the descendants of Tarutaru were worthy of the Iwi name Te Rarawa. Tarutaru was the ringa kaha (chief) of that battle. My great grandfather argued with him saying that we all ate from that urupa. My great grandfather won. Prior to this hui, N. Kahu were sick of the squabbling and reverted back to N. Kahu. The only other thing I know about N. Kahu is in the early 1900's my great grandfather noticed it was either Herewini Te Toko or Heremia Te Wake (Father of Whina Cooper) with a carved walking stick. He noticed straight away that the carvings were N. Kahu, so he ordered the person to give it to him. They did. Ngakuru, my great grandfather went to the post office and rang Sir James Henare. James being N. Kahu. Told him that he had one of their Taonga. Sir James and his son Erima came to northern Hokianga and recieved the rakau off Ngakuru, recognising it immediately. The rakau was carved in the 1600's by a woman. This story was told to me by Erima a couple years ago.
I am Te Rarawa and I call myself Te Rarawa. I can also call myself Ngapuhi but it isn't my principal Iwi. Does that answer one of your questions? I only know of N. Kahu being around the Taipa area and not stretching over to Kaeo but I could be wrong.
If you have any questions about this panui, I will be glad to answer them.
Naku na

Benson-Gamble whanau
Thanks very much for your reply Steve, I really appreciate you taking the time to help me/us. (I hope you will get this message of thanks before I remove my post - I was completely unaware that any message I posted would then appear out in the big wide web world for absolutely anyone to read - I thought messages could only be read by members logging on). Thanks again.
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