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November 21 2017 17:17:27
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Looking for Wikiriwhi Rangiawha whanau
Kia Ora koutou. I am trying to find my fathers connection to Te Arawa whanau. His name is Mac Rangiawha his father is Taotao Te Putu (Jim) Kahu and his father is Kahukoti Rangiawha. Some other names are Rangiawha Wikiriwhi or Wikiriwhi Potene or Tamati Potene.

Much appreciated for any helpSmile
I'm told Potene Rangiawha of Rotorua came to Waikato with a Methodist minister before the Waikato land war in 1860. He met Mere Korama of Ngati Kahuone, Makomako here in Waikato and had 2 sons to her, named Tamati Potene and Wikiriwhi Rangiawha. Potene died fighting at Otaku. I assume you know your Waikato side and seek your Te Arawa uplines

I see that your elders are listed with Ngati Whakaue, ie http://www.ngatiwhakaue.iwi.nz/register/documents/NWTL%20unclaimed%20dividends%20at%2022%20March%202012%20-%20P-T.pdf
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Nga mihi kia koe. I really really appreciate this and any other leads you can give me Smile
Yes you are right in saying that I know my Ngati Te Wehi side.
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Kia ora ano pikirangi, Found the following link in the Mormon record submitted by mmshaw. https://familysearch.org/search/collection/igi/results?count=20&query=%2Bgivenname%3Apotene~%20%2Bsurname%3Arangitoro~%20%2Bsubcollection_id%3A5&igi=(1%202)

Te Ohu Manawa = Numia (both of Ohinemutu)
Poroaki Te Ohu = Hinekai Uruwhero (of Ohinemutu)
Rangitoro Poroaki = Merekorama Whare
Tamati Riini Potene and Wikiriwhi Rangiawha
Thank you so much for that just the link I was looking for.Clap
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