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November 22 2017 10:43:11
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Cross, Aimee - Searching for my family links
Hi there,

My name is Aimee Cross and I am searching for my family, or links to my Ngapuhi background.
Our family is quite limited with information, but I do know that we have had strong ties with Paihia.

My father is: Napier John CROSS
My Great Aunt: Kathleen Te Rangi Crawford
My Great Aunt: Antonia HOLT
My Grandfather is: Napier Claremont CROSS
My Great Grandfather is: Napier Charles Cross
My Great Great Grandfather: Henry or Henare Te Rangi CROSS, married to Connie Joyce, and I believe married to another woman as well.

That is about all I know. Majority of my family is buried in the Paihia Cemetery, and the rest are buried behind the old stone church on the main road of Paihia.
I am also hoping to try and find a link between my ancestors and the Ngati Parou tribe if there is one.

If anyone can help me find out where I come from and where I belong, and who my iwi are! I would be so greatful.
Thank you in advance.
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http://whakapapa.maori.org.nz/archives/viewthread.php?TOPIC_ID=1319 this was in the archives hope it helps
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