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November 22 2017 20:10:07
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HIKITAPUA - looking for my whakapapa
There are some past posts about Hikitapua in the current and archive part of this forum. Put hikitapu or Harrison in the search box in the top right corner of this forum page to see them. This post may be of particular interest to you http://whakapapa.maori.org.nz/archives/viewthread.php?TOPIC_ID=2502
Thank you. This is what I've found so far, keeping in mind this is not gospel and only what I've found on certain whakapapa sights, following my instincts and what I remember my whanau talking about when I was young. I understand it could be completely wrong, so all feed back and corrections are most welcome...

Ruatona = Iritekura





Te Ahinariki = Tutaepa

Aporo Hikitapua = Mereana Tauke Hikitapua (born Ngawaka)

That's as far as I've got with Aporo's. If this is correct I'm so happy to finally know how we connect to Iritekura.

Mereana Tauke Ngawaka's line is proving to be a bit more difficult I've been following Pirihia Kauikaroa = Aperaniko Tamehana Te Waara lines, but come undone when I start looking at Pomare = Mere Hemoe. Pomare l, was Puhi's sister, does this mean that Pomare ll was her son? It seems that Tuwhanga was Pomare ll step father? Do I have the right Pomare, as there is Whetoi Pomare l, then Whiria Pomare ll, then Maui Pomare. I searched for Mere Hemoe as being the wife of each, and tried to reference her as the mother of Pirihia Kauikaroa, but came up short and unsure. I've also come across information saying that Paora Te Putu was Mere Hikitapua (born Ngawaka) father??? Not sure about that one, but I do remember hearing that amongst my whanau through the years, so it could be right.... That's where I go back to, was there 2 Merengawaka, with one line connecting to Pomare, and one connecting to Paora Te Putu? Any help much appreciated.
Hi I have been reading these posts and see some familiar names in there, Im not sure if they are related or not. The name Ngawaka is within the Leaf/Leef whanau as well, but as I said Im not sure if she was from this family you are looking at, does the name Hana Ngawaka mean anything within your family? Paora is also in this line of Leef family with the name being Bowman Paora. I may be on a wrong family but these names you have mentioned are there is our whanau.
Thanks for your post. I've checked out the names, but unfortunately am unable to confirm whether its the same whanau or not, it could be, but I can't find where the connection is......yet.
Have sent you a private message.
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