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Posted by awhi on 07-03-2015 04:31

janski wrote:

my name is Jan and my grandparents are Charlie Edwards and Annie Taylor from down the port Waikato. Charlie's mum was Rangituhi Karaka [Clark] Te Aho . rangituhi had a twin called Hererunga and was married or partnered to Nana Doya. not sure of the name Doya? was told sounds like this and this was the spelling i was givin. I to have been searching for my family tree. I don't much at all so if u no anything maybe we can help each other.My mum was buried at Tikirahi cemetery, port waikato. my mum's bro's and sister's are uncle happy and aunty Susan with 2 boys and uncle Richard and Babi, adopted one boy,and uncle Charlie and aunty Rangi with 1 boy and 1 adopted girl Tracey and aunty Moana with 6 kids.

kia ora