Thread subject: Whakapapa Club :: DNA Testing

Posted by interplanetjanet on 19-04-2013 18:31

There are lots of places doing the tests these days and much depends onw what type of thing you are wantng results for
An example of that is if you want to know where your parenal line comes from sometimes its easier to find to do tests through the DNA surnames site
Things to look out for are ongoing fees...whether or not youa re able to transfer your results to other DNA studies and projects or enter it into an International DNA databank which matches up cousins etc
I have just had someone do this sites test which is shown in US Dollars it equalled NZ$65 but remember the exchange rate can change

Another site is 23and me but they expect you to pay yearly fees

They write that they've "identified several novel variants that collectively
form new and unique Maori motifs B4a1a1c, B4a1a1a3 and B4a1a1a5." (The Maori
are the Polynesian people of New Zealand.)