Thread subject: Whakapapa Club :: ANARU, Whare Eugene: Looking for whanau of

Posted by Caleb George on 15-05-2014 02:00

I am trying to find any family members (aunties, uncles, cousins, ANYONE), related to this man, who would be willing to share whakapapa with me. I gave birth to his youngest son nearly 2 years ago and have virtually no family history to pass onto my son as he gets older (the reasons for which are unfortunately difficult to discuss)
The only information I have is:
His father is Tiweka (Michael) Anaru
His mother is Margaret Matthews

I know the name of their tribal affiliation- Te Whanau a Apanui
I am planning to hopefully this year take my son to the East Coast, so any help with directions, marae ect.

And that's pretty much it.

Any information at all would be gratefully appreciated!! Smile