Thread subject: Whakapapa Club :: TEREWHARE

Posted by sunny on 07-02-2016 01:06


I am searching for this man, this name, Terewhare is in my whakapapa, however, I have just found some documents written by Sir George Grey where this Terewhare has spoken at a meeting with government officials at Kaipara. This Terewhare was from the Taranaki! but apparently living in the Kaipara area. My Terewhare ancestor is supposed to be from the Hokianga. Yes Kaipara is not far from Hokianga, so possible he is the same man, however, the biggest surprise was that he referred to his father as Mohi Tara.! This name is not in my whakapapa. I have searched an Mohi Tara is also from the Taranaki! I have been doing the whakapapa for a number of years an never come across the name Terewhare outside the Hokianga, until now.
Can anyone give me any clues as to why these 2 men were in the North please?
Many thanks for any info in advance