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Posted by MrsRickP on 06-11-2016 19:14

Kia Ora everyone. My name is Tracy and I am just starting to explore my very small bit of Maori roots! I have gone back as far as my GGG Grandfather Wiremu Kingi Te Awhitu but can not seem to find much on his I am leaving that for now and working on my GGG Grandmother Pirihira Matangi. I really do not know where to find pictures and info on her...I have birth/death dates but would like to know where she rests and her iwi etc.
If anyone out there is able to supply me with links or info on either of my GGG Grandparents I would appreaciate it. I am also looking at finding pictures of any Ta Moko's they may have as I am in the planning stages of getting one myself and would like to incorporate a little bit of them in it!
Many thanks in advance

Posted by kiwichris on 09-11-2016 02:18

What are Pirihira's birth and death dates? I assume Pirihira is Wiremu's wife?

Posted by Rondo on 12-11-2016 04:32

They are old entities of Taranaki and Wellington. Pirihira 1812 - 1897 doesn't appear to have a moko-kauae in this link

Here's another link

In one of the Nga Tupuna o Te Whanganui a Tara booklets they gave Wi Kingi Te Awhitu's parents as Piko and Tuturaumaiawa

Otherwise google their names for other links

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Posted by MrsRickP on 02-02-2017 00:12

Oh my goodness...I checked this site not long after I joined and no one answered and now I have two answers!!!!! I am so sorry for the delay...
Kiwichris...Yes Pirihira is Wiremu's wife...her dates are born 1812 and died 1897.

Rondo thanks for your info too...I am going to go and do some research on Piko and Tuturaumaiawa...I have no idea where but I will give it a go. It is my 80 year old Mothers wish to go and visit her ancestors thats in another forum lol

Posted by MrsRickP on 02-02-2017 00:12

Again, thanks for your help, I may need you again if I am able to!!!!