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Posted by Isabel Hartley on 30-04-2017 03:32

sharonrih wrote:
I am of Nga Puhi descent and have heard stories of Rihari's living in Te Tii but am unsure. My father and his twin brother were born in TAUMARUNUI and adopted by the Smith's and I no longer have a relationship with my father. I have absolutely no other information about my dad's biological family.

If anyone thinks they may know someone or something, please let me know.

Kia ora
I belong to the Rihari whanau. Would need your father's and/or your fathers twin names. Your grandmother Ryder is on your fathers side or?

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Posted by Isabel Hartley on 01-05-2017 22:27

can you send me your phone number via email to

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Isabel Hartley wrote:
can you send me your phone number via email to

I have recently gotten in touch with my Dad and I believe he is your first cousin? My Grandfather actually married Emma Ryder (who I was unsure whether was my Grandmother or not) but my Dad was actually born from Vicky Davies (Ruatara)

I know longer need this post in fact, DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW I DELETE MY THREAD? I've only managed to delete my posts in this thread.

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