Thread subject: Whakapapa Club :: Williams-Te Koha whanau (Nui Te Koha) Hauraki (Paeroa/Possibly Thames/Coromandel)

Posted by poutokomanawa on 05-11-2017 00:23

Kia ora,

To learn more about how Maori naming conventions work, go to http://whakapapa....p?cat_id=5and have a read as it is all explained there and could open up more possibilites for you to look at Smile

I found the name Nui Tireni WI Te Koha on the 1908 Northern Maori Electrol Roll. So I am wondering if this is your great grandfather. The WI in this name could be short for Wiremu which is the translation of Williams.

If you go to a library you should be able to see the electrol roll on microfiche, unless they have a hard copy of it. Sadly they are only availalbe online if you pay (grr) but I am working on seeing if I can get at least a list of the names for the Whakapapa Club.

When you look for that record it is probably best to look through the whole roll, as names can be misspelled, or filed under first name, last name and sometimes last name, first name or Te Koha could be Tekoha etc. The advatange of doing that is then you may pick up other people with the same surname and they could be related.

When you find the record it will list the hapu and kainga which will give you a bit more information.

Do you know the parents of your great grandfather or where his whanau could be buried?

I will have a think about other places for you to look and post back here in due course.

Good luck! Grin

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