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Web Links: Composers
Ngoi Pewhairangi
Ngoi was renowned for her spontaneity in writing compositions for various people. Of these songs, ‘E ipo’, recorded by Prince Tui Teka, and ‘Poi e’, by Dalvanius Prime and the Patea Maori Club, are the best known.
Date Added: 31/12/1969 19:00 Visits: 3173
Tuini Ngawai
Well known composer of many items including E Te Hokowhitu a Tu and Arohaina
Date Added: 31/12/1969 19:00 Visits: 2584
Merekotia Amohau
Ngati Pikiao; singer, entertainer, composer
Date Added: 31/12/1969 19:00 Visits: 2502
Te Rangi Pai
Composer of 'Hine e Hine' more commonly known as "Goodnight Kiwi"
Date Added: 31/12/1969 19:00 Visits: 2500
Paraire Tomoana
Paraire was a pioneer composer of songs in the new 'action song' style, moving away from classical waiata which used small note ranges, no harmony and irregular metre. Instead, he wrote words to fit harmonised tunes written in diatonic scales and generall
Date Added: 31/12/1969 19:00 Visits: 2404
Ruru Karaitiana
After the Second World War Ruru Karaitiana song ‘Blue Smoke’ provided a welcome-home theme for the returning troops, and later became the first all-New Zealand hit record.
Date Added: 31/12/1969 19:00 Visits: 2314
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