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Whakapapa Software
Included is software for doing whakapapa, software for converting gedcom to html files for the net and one for creating and maintaining whakapapa databases online.
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Tribal Pages
A free online Genealogy service dedicated to creating your Family Tree website effortlessly and quickly. Build and Maintain your Family Tree website online here at TribalPages. Invite friends and family to view or update your site. Control access to your
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Cody Tangitu & Mary (nee GARDINER)
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GeneWeb Software
A freeware programme that runs on minimal resources and is fast and easy to use.
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nomaia specialises in preserving old knowledge using new media technologies. Whakapapa, old news paper clippings, photos, taonga, stories, digital video and stories from koro and koe. Combing tikanga with electronic media, memories are preserved forever
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A place to put your whakapapa online.
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A free place to store your whakapapa. It runs on the GeneWeb software. You can also secure your whakapapa so only those you choose can have access.
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Family Moment

Get your free family web sites for free! We offer password protected private family web sites, unique URL, private message board, family calendar, discussion forum, chat room, family tree, family gallery, guest book, address book, and free e-mail.
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This site contains some of the research that I have collected with the help of some very good friends & relatives in relation to the WHAKAPAPA of Rudolph/Rurawhe/Taipari/Marsh/Maihi Whanaunga
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